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Create a Wall Collage in 5 Easy steps!

I struggled for a year trying to decide what to do with my daughter’s graduation photos, okay there was some procrastination happening I will admit! But I wanted to do something a little different, and so in the end, I decided to create a wall collage.

I have found that with any art project if the main principles of design are included you cannot fail, these elements being: Colour, Balance, Texture, Line, and inclusion of a Focal Point.


1st Create your Colour story-My daughter’s grad colours were a dark Blue and so I decided to create my collage by using different pictures that contrasted in their saturation of the Blue hue as well as using the neighboring colour on the colour wheel, Purple (analogous colours) and to create some visual interest I used the juxtaposition of Light and Dark Values (White and Black).

2nd Balance of Space- Layout your frames and play with them until you feel as though the space is equally balanced. Not too heavy or too light in any one spot.

3rd Texture- choose a variety of frames with differing textures.

4th Line- Include wall scripts in order to play with and incorporate line, meaningful quotes are perfect.

5th Focal Point- This is the spot the eye is drawn to first. It is also okay to have more than one focal point; I tried to ensure that through my use of light and dark, the eye would travel from top left and down to bottom right. The eye then moves to the dark values, and this way all the pictures are seen.

Creativity is the SPICE of Life!



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