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5 steps closer to Selling in the Winter Season!

Are you selling your house this winter and looking for a way to make your home's curb appeal standout above the competition?! Consider adding an eye catching winter planter to your stoop. Buyers are attracted to homes that are cared for, and have been well maintained. This project is easy, inexpensive, and beams "Pride of Ownership".

  • Step 1.  Pull out a summer planter, if you do not have one, you can pick one up at Home Depot, Bouclair Homes or I purchased mine at Crate&Barrel. 
  • Step 2. Fill Peat Pots with dirt (there are two in the pic because I made up two planters) add potting soil, then add Water to the dirt (the pine will last the whole season once frozen)
  • Step 3.Next you must bundle all your items together, I started with tall sticks (I took mine from an indoor display, I originallly bought them at JYSK) these add structure, next add two different types of pine (I bought mine at Earth Tones) and then add decorative items (I went to Walmart for my decorations) next secure all the items together at the base with an elastic. I used a thick hair tie and it worked prefectly! 
  • Step 3. Stick the bundle in your dirt mixture
  • Step 4. Add a bow.
  • Step 5. Place on your step.


***Ensure that you complete this project on an easily cleaned surface or on a garbage bag. I would emphatically suggest that you use a  garbage bag. Once the project is completed, you have very little cleanup. Just envelop the mess with the bag, tie and toss. Lack of planning ahead with regards to clean up will result in dirt, mixed with sparkles, mixed with tree sap, all stuck to your floor, not good for anyone. :I       

***The pine bundles are bought with an elastic securing the bows at the bottom, as seen in picture on the right. DO NOT remove the elastic!!! I did, and it was a huge mistake :(. I thought I would be able to create a better display, if I played with it, intermixing the two pine varieties.WRONG! 

The pine falls naturally in different directions, and unfastening just created extra work and made the branches difficult to bundle.  To create the display seen on the left I used two bundles of pine varieties. I have found the softer varieties work really well for a natural and not too perfect looking design. Creativity is the SPICE of life! :D


Warm regards,

Laureen Espinoza, REALTOR®

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